2017. január 20., péntek

Lezárult a könyvjelzőcsere-program

Erre a tanévre lezárult a könyvjelzőcsere-program: a héten megérkezett az utolsó csomag is Telšiaiból, Litvániából. A 8.c-seink partnercsoportja a Telšių Žemaitės gimnazija-ban tanul, könyvtárostanáruk, Rosita Gaižauskienė. Telšiai bámulatosan szép kisvárosnak tűnik a képek alapján:

Telšiai (fotó: http://www.telsiai.lt/)
...és amilyen szép a városka, annyira gyönyörűek a könyvjelzők is, amiket kaptunk a diákoktól:

Írtak néhány sort angolul az iskolájukról is - így kicsit jobban megismerkedhetünk velük.

Telsiai  Zemaite Gymnasium is the oldest school in our town and it is well known for its long lasting traditions. First of all, the students’ collaboration with teachers and parents is well-developed. We have a parents’ club named ‘‘Drauge“ (“Together”) which has a big impact on our celebrations and funding. The club helps organise knowledge quiz nights, called ‘‘Titanu kovos“  (The Fight of Titans”) that are very popular among students and their parents.

Secondly, not only are our students creative but also very motivated and intelligent. Alongside with regional and even national science contest prize winners, there is also a vast number of people who take part in theatre and musical school activities. When we combine the two, we have amazing celebrations such as ‘‘Level Day“   (where each class has to prepare a performance, corresponding the given theme), ‘‘Christmas Carnival“,  ‘‘100 Days Celebration“ and so on.
Thirdly, the patriotic spirit has been developed through the years with little details and steps. The teachers encourage pupils to learn and be interested in the history of our country, to be kind to one another and respect older people. Each year a huge number of our school students attend important commemorations of significant dates of our country. For the urge to promote patriotism and love of Lithuania our gymnasium has won an historical flag. And we have also won a national contest  ‘‘Euroscola“.

Lastly, the atmosphere in our school is incredible because we are a small community and that is what makes us all interact and help each other. Another important aspect is the cooperation with our alumni students. Last week we started a program called ‘‘Big Brother or Sister Program“ which allows our students contact the graduates of gymnasium and seek advice from them, as many have already finished their studies at University and are very successful.
All in all, Telsiai Zemaite Gymnasium has many interesting and impressive things up its sleeve :-)

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